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Your privacy is very important to us. The provisions of § 5 of Act 101/2000 Sb. Protection of personal data obliges us to inform you about the type, scope and purpose of the acquisition, processing and use of personal data that are necessary for the implementation of the orders, and your rights of opposition. Please carefully read the privacy statement and take, please note our Terms and Conditions (GTC). We reserve the right to later change this statement relating to data protection. Any change you will be on our web-site informed through clear notice.

Guidance on data protection issued by zebrahouse s.r.o.

The goal of zebrahouse Ltd. is that you when you visit its website feel good. Therefore, we take the protection of your personal data very seriously. Protecting your privacy when processing personal data is very important to us . Zebrahouse Company Ltd. process personal data obtained during your visit to our Web - Site fundamentally according to the legal provisions that respects and protects the privacy and personal sphere . We have taken technical and organizational measures to ensure that the rules on data protection are respected both by us and by external service providers. In addition, it is important for us to ever know when that data is stored and how to use them. Furthermore, we would like to briefly introduce what position the company zebrahouse sro Data protection takes to protect your information and what significance it has for us specifically , if you use our services.

Údaje týkající se osob / osobní informace týkající se identity

Information concerning persons / personal information on the identity information that can be explicitly used to have revealed your identity. This includes information such as your correct name, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number, etc..

Information kept under the pseudonym / anonymous log-file-data

Information that is not directly linked to your real identity, such as a profile or number of users of the website do not fall into the category of information relating to individuals . If you visit our website , our web server stores the IP - address as your Internet service provider , the website from which you visit us , the web pages you visit with us , and the date and time of the visit. Furthermore, the web server logfile saved your operating system name and version of your browser . These data are evaluated anonymously , for statistical purposes and to improve our presentation . This anonymous data will be stored separately from information relating to persons on a secure internal system that makes no consequences for the individual person. No connection is not made ​​, or even the evaluation of information relating to individuals and anonymous basis . This separation from anonymous / general statistical information and information relating to persons remains your privacy is still protected.

The provision of personal data

Your visit to our information pages on the Internet stored for statistical purposes only and does not contain any information relating to persons. So can our range of information on the Internet use significantly without exposing your identity. Assuming that you use our registration the user will be during your secure login access data stored and for your own safety inspected to prevent unauthorized use of your accounts by a third party. For transactions in addition to access data stored and for reasons of reproducibility and all archived data on transactions such as the transfer amount. In addition, your personal data will only be stored if you provide it to us. This applies to surveys or inquiries, suggestions and orders via the contact form or E-mail that you send to us.

In doing so, you belong to a free decision whether to give his name and other personal information (such as date of birth, address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.). Of course you can also free to decide whether we shall not disclose such information. In this case, however, we are unable to provide the requisite products, services or information. Personal data retained in the user account has been taken zebrahouse sro are processed and used only to the extent that it is desirable to perform the services offered. As a user of the user account of the company zebrahouse sro whenever you are entitled to an electronic retrieval, modification or deletion of data stored on your person or user name.

Use of personal data

As a customer of the recipient of the invoice and delivery make explicit consent safekeeping, processing and use of your personal data. The data relating to persons shall be kept by us, processed and used, if it is desirable to perform the services offered. Furthermore, this happens to check your eligibility to receive access to a secure website for registration purposes, so that we can establish your desired contact or to provide you with the requested products, services or information. Moreover, these data also used for the purpose. which is always specified in the special contact form if you have given us for this purpose have given consent. Your details will be passed on to the appropriate specialist departments within the company zebrahouse sro in order to answer the demand, or process your request.

Safety for the processing of personal data

Zebrahouse Company Ltd. uses technical and organizational security measures to protect your data managed by us against accidental and intentional manipulation, loss, damage or against access by unauthorized persons. Our security measures are continuously improved to reflect technological developments. In detail, this means that your personal data is stored on specially protected external server. Access to it is possible only a few authorized persons particularly concerned with technical and editorial care of the server.

Transfer of personal data to third parties

Your data we fundamentally are not sold or rented to a third party. Your personal data are transferred to a third party only if:

  1. You agree to the transfer or
  2. There is an official or a court order or
  3. Your data will be transferred to a third party if necessary to prevent misuse of our offers and services, especially the use of which is not in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions or used in a manner which the law does not allow. Export data outside the European Economic Area in progress.


At actions such as action allowing rebates, we would like to use your data for the purpose that we can inform you about our products and services and, if you are in this context inquire. Participation in these events is completely voluntary. Should you not understand that, you can inform us at any time so that we can block your data accordingly, or deleted. More detailed information can be found on the respective local website.

Right to information

Upon request, you will receive free information about all the personal data we have about you stored in memory. In addition, you have the option, of course, all errors and delete data correct, update, delete or block leave.


Once granted consent for the storage, processing and use of your personal data at any time with effect for the future appeal. If you give us personal data (eg when ordering electronic newsletter) forward, you have the option at any time, let's delete again. After confirming the safety query will be with us all your personal data for this service will be irrevocably deleted. This procedure provides the option to no longer receive any more newsletters. Customer data (eg for keeping your access data) remain your testimony Internet Information Services, or deleting unaffected.

E-mail / contact form

If you send an E-Mail or message via the contact form, then store and use your personal information (such as name, date of birth, postal or e-mail address, telephone number) only to perform the services offered and for correspondence with you. If you specify during our customer care data itself, will transfer data over the Internet using secure encryption mechanisms that prevent the acquisition of information by unauthorized persons. If you send us data about yourself through an unsecured e-mail, then informs you that the data transfer will take place through the Internet without security and data could then theoretically be obtained or tampered with by unauthorized persons.


We strongly urge those responsible for the upbringing of children to accompany their children when they are online-activities. Persons younger than 18 years by us without the consent of the parents or persons responsible for the upbringing of children should not disclose any personal information. Children do not require any personal information we collect is and do not pass it further to a third party. Please people, if you are younger than 18 years and if you would like to establish contact us so we communicated this fact and also said the name of the legal representative (one parent, who is responsible for education).


Cookies are small text files that are to be sent from a web server on your PC and most are stored on your hard- disk. This is not about programs that break into the user's system and could cause damage here . Although cookies can be used to identify your computer through cookies are not stored any personal information. Paired or any technology that any information through cookies associated with your personal user data , thus making it possible to determine your identity or E - mail address. We use cookies in harmony with your internet browser in order to optimize our web offer on all our pages. It is however a temporary cookies , which in any case do not impose on your hard- disk data permanently . Our cookies are only active during your "online - session" and at the end are automatically deleted. They contain only a unique number out of our website are of no importance . Cookies deployed in the Internet offer zebrahouse Company Ltd. used to increase comfort when selecting your prints. Through the shopping cart , you can simultaneously select multiple objects and form must be completed only once to all the selected products received detailed information . Most browsers are set to automatically accept cookies . However, you can deactivate the storing of cookies or you can set your browser so that it will inform you when cookies are sent . You have the right at our option of rejecting cookies. If you function in your browser cookies disabled , you can not , unfortunately, use our shopping cart and functions associated with ordering from zebrahouse sro . Our next offer information to , of course, fully available without cookies.


Company Website zebrahouse Ltd. contain links to other websites which are not covered by this privacy statement. If we offer links to other websites, we are trying to ensure that they comply with our terms. We have no influence on their content and compliance provisions with regard to data protection through their operator. When you visit another web page, please, please find the relevant paying directives.


The rapid development of the internet requires occasional adjustment of our "Privacy Policy". The relevant news here but you will always be informed. Although we do not intend to frequently change our policies regarding the private sector, will be good if during your visits to our site regularly to check if there are any changes-news. This will ensure that you are current guidelines have read and agree with it. Any changes relating to the private sector, will be carried out with regard to future developments. We will not make any changes retroactively unless they are prescribed by law.

Further information and contacts

If you have further questions on the topic 'Privacy zebrahouse sro company, please contact, the person in our company, which is responsible for data protection. Contact address below. Here you can find out what data stored in our system. In addition, you can always send us the information request regarding the deletion or correction of your data and also changes through E-mail or mail sent.

Brno, 1.3.2008