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Blank labels

Blank labels

Blank labels are mainly used for simple and rapud labeling and packaging. These labels are often used in logistics or food industry. They typically contain individual product information like adress, weight, best before date or various codes. Because this information is compiled just before labeling, printing takes place by the customer.

There are two common ways of printing blank labels. The first is a thermal transfer printing method. User when it needs a thermal transfer printer and the appropriate thermotapes. The advantage of this technique are very stable and durable printing results. The second option is to print blank labels using direct thermal printing technology. Material labels, such as ThermoTop Coated is thermosensitive, so be colored thermal printer directly. The advantage of this method is that there is no need to print any coloring or other media. Based on blank labels is a chosen material. For empty label you basically can choose from many types of paper or foil. Our materials offer excellent quality, stability and are highly thermo-sensitive. Blank labels are made of different etiketových paper and PP film. The material may not be always white. To unprinted labels stand out visually, we can make from luminescent and metallized paper. An important factor for the adhesion of labels is also adhesive. In this case, you can choose completely at will - from the removable permanent species. Blank labels you can order additional measures inscription or company logo. Whether round, square and special shape - perfectly tailored to produce any desired shape labels. The quality cutting tools that we have available is at the highest level, so it can be used repeatedly without you incurring additional costs. Ready blank labels are supplied in rolls with different tube diameters from 26-76 mm for all common printers, from Avery Dennison brand for Zebra.
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Label calculator

Number of labels:
Number of versions:
Please enter the desired total quantity. Minimal quantity: 10 for sort
Please enter the desired total amount. Min. order quantity: 10 per type.
Please also state the number of types.

Note: The number per type will only be queried at the end of the order when you upload data.

Example order
Quantity: 5000
Number of types: 3

- Type 1: 3000
- Type 2: 1500
- Type 3: 500
Material properties:

Application: indoor use, dry area
Temperature: -30 °C to +70 °C
For use on: non-deformable containers - such as glass, metal, plastic...
Sample applications: price labels, shipping labels, lottery labels...
Additional feature: subsequently thermal transfer printable, thermal transfer ribbons in online shop

Please select the following features:
- Width
- Height
- Type of label
- Die cuts
- Corner radius

Width: 10 - 314 mm
Height: 10 - 700 mm
Corner radius: 0 - 10 mm
Width: mm 
Height: mm
Type of label:
Optional shape:

Die cuts:
Corner radius: 2 mm / Change / Standard: 2 mm
Please select the following features:
- Colour
- Protective coating - UV

Note: Labels printed with digital inkjet printing require no varnish for protection!
Protective coating - UV:
Y-Offset (Min): Y-Offset (Max):

Roll wind and core size

Please select the following features:
- Core diameter
- Roll wind direction
Core diameter:
Roll wind direction:
Right side of label off first (label on inside of roll)
Left side of label off first (label on inside of roll)
Top of label off first (label on inside of roll)
Bottom of label off first (label on inside of roll)
Right side of label off first (label on outside of roll)
Left side of label off first (label on outside of roll)
Top of label off first (label on outside of roll)
Bottom of label off first (label on outside of roll)
Number of labels per roll:
Min: 1

Outer diameter of roll:
Min: 77 mm | Max: 300 mm


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