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Printed labels

Self-adhesive labels delivered in roll are widely used in packaging industry. If there is a need to swiftly tag a large number of products using a machine or to use a theromtransfer printer combined with manual application, roll labels are a perfect choice to meet various requirements.


Blank labels

Blank labels are mainly used for simple and rapud labeling and packaging. These labels are often used in logistics or food industry. They typically contain individual product information like adress, weight, best before date or various codes. Because this information is compiled just before labeling, printing takes place by the customer.


Barcode labels

Barcode labels should be considered when shipping goods. Barcode is a series of lines with different widths and blank spaces. It was developed by the U.S. C&C chain Walmart to establish a uniform and comprehensible way to exchange data with the suppliers..


Writing blocks / Blocks

We can offer note pads and sticky notes at great prices. All products are printed on demand with you design. Whether spiral-bound with adhesive binding, with or without a cover ... Our products meet (almost) any requirement. All delivered to your doors.